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Name: Riham El Aref Soliman
Position: Jonior Research Scientist
- MSc Molecular Medicine from University College London , London , UK
- BSc Biology from the American University in Cairo (AUC), Cairo, Egypt.
         Office:  002 02 3534 2054      
Address:  Smart Village - B115 (K 28, Cairo / Alex Dessert Road)
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I am a member of the team studying bladder cancer with the aim of producing a gene expression profile from Egyptian bladder cancer samples. Egypt has the highest incidence of bladder cancer world-wide. Lack of research on the causes of carcinogenesis and cancer progression prevents the development of appropriate and effective bladder cancer treatments. Egypt suffers from a serious bilharzial endemicity and there appears to be a strong, significant correlation between infection and bladder cancer. Microarray experiments will be used to identify and characterize genes involved in bladder cancer development and progression in Egyptians. This information can be used to produce therapeutic drugs tailored to the genetic and molecular infrastructure of Egyptian bladder cancer specifically to dramatically reduce disease incidence and mortality.