Nile University    CIS

 The training starts on 1st of August, 2011. and I ends on 15th of Septemper. This is the overall time period for the training.

 No it is not. The trainees don't pay any money to join the training. This is a part of the Nile University's mission and culture. The best student's get better education whithout any fees.

 In fact No. This is the time period for training in the Bioinformatics group. each trainee will have tasks and/or project once they are completed the training is over. 
As an average the tasks takes about from 15 to 20 days to be completed.

 The meeting and followups are at maximum twice a week. For some cases and situations the trainee may come more than this, but this depends only on the type of project/ tasks assigned to them.

 Yes. The trainees will work on real tasks from real life projects in the field of bioinformatics. We don't let anyone waste his/her time in working in fake assignments, that's how the trainees will get experience in such a working environment and types of projects.

The training will be held in Nile University. No need to attend everyday, just the days when there will be meeting, follow up, presentation ... etc.

 Yes, once an applicant passes the interviews and/or exams, they can join the training.

 Yes you can. No need to be at the university everyday. You just have to come in days of meeting, follow up, evaluation, presentations .. etc.

 In fact this training is for computer science related trainees. Once you meet the required skills, you can join this training.

 In fact the algorithms part is very hard, that's why we need elder student. You still can apply for this part, but your chance to be selected is limited. Depends on your abilities, problems you solved, experience .. etc.

 For Sure you can. But it is only a training not a job offer. You will have list of tasks to do in a period of time. Once you complete them in the specified time you will get a certificate from the Bioinformatics Research Group that you passed the training and accomplished all the tasks asigned to you.

 The form only accepts documents. Formats accepted are: 

  1. .txt
  2. .rtf
  3. .pdf
  4. .html
  5. .doc
  6. .docx

Any other type formats will not be accepted.

 There are two phases to join the training. The Bioinformatics group will filter the cvs submitted and select some of them as partially accepted.
Then those applicants will be invited to an interview in the second half of July 2011. Based on that interview the students will be selected.