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Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field joining the field of Biology and Computer Science. Bioinformatics is concerned with the organization and analysis of biological data. For molecular biologists, Bioinformatics is the practice of using software tools to analyze the biological data in order to extract new knowledge, generate new hypothesis, or search for effective molecules. For computer scientists, it is the development of new algorithms and software tools handling biological data. The most striking feature of Bioinformatics that attracts researchers from different fields is the free unlimited access to the molecular data and the software tools. 


The Bioinformatics working group at Nile University addresses problems of national interest, by focusing on the development of novel software tools for the analysis and integration of biological data. Our current major project is the development of NUBIOS (Nile University Bioinformatics Server).

Nile University, through its computational infrastructure, expertise, and software tools, aims at boosting the field of bioinformatics in Egypt. The bioinformatics team supports the Egyptian life science community with tools, consultations, and computational infrastructure. Our expertise originates from our research activities, which basically include genome informatics, integrative bioinformatics, and data mining. Our research activities address not only major problems in the field but also focus on problems of national interest. The Master program, research projects, international workshops, seminars, and summer training at Nile University constitute a solid basis for capacity building and dissemination of bioinformatics knowledge among Egyptian researchers.


NUBIOS- Nile University Bioinformatics Server

Our current major project is the development of the Nile University Bioinformatics Server (NUBIOS). NUBIOS is the first Bioinformatics Server in Egypt. This server will host novel software tools and it will mirror the popular public databases and the associated analysis tools. This project is funded by the Center of Informatics Sciences of Nile University and ITIDA. (Nubios is the Spanish name of the Nubians; the people who lived in the southern of Egypt region called Nubia. The logo of the server is an ancient Egyptian scribe.). To browse NUBIOS, follow this link.


This project aims at providing software tools running under Windows High Performance Computing Server 2008. The motivation is that bioinformatics tools form an integral part of modern life science and medical research, but their usage is limited as these tools usually run under Unix/Linux, which are not popular operating systems among life scientists, especially in Egypt. Furthermore, cluster computing is a good and non-expensive architecture to solve compute intensive bioinformatics jobs. Therefore, providing tools with easy interface that run on Windows cluster would enable biologists to perform large scale data analysis, which is a primary step towards hypothesis generation and knowledge discovery. This project is funded by Microsoft and Cairo Microsoft Innovation Centre (CMIC). WinBioinfTools are accessible through this link.